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Beautiful new work by Lynch. Not that you can really take too much notice of comments underneath youtube videos, but a mini debate seems to be going on there about whether or not it is “trademark” Lynch. What seems fairly undeniable to me is that there’s a lot of stuff in here that resonates strongly with what he’s done in the past. Take his Industrial Soundscape, for instance, it’s almost as though this old-school printing press is the mechanical analogue exemplification of his digital imagination.

In both of course there’s a fascination with a machinic universe, with some mysterious genetic process that surely takes us back to his own origins.

What’s really got me excited about Idem Paris, though, is the possibility of thinking about screen printing. If the cinema is capable of producing a specific kind of thought that is generated out of the specifics of its technological configuration, what kind of thought would be produced by screen printing, what kind of models for a new mode of seeing the world could be produced by thinking through this kind of printing. This is I think a separate question from those posed by Kittler et al. and the new media archaeologists. Who knows. Maybe one day……